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A Haven for the elderly


A healthy active aging lifestyle


There is a saying 'prevention is better than cure'. In Farmily, we give you every reason why elderly should work here.


- Organic vegetables 

- Waking up and turning in early habit

- Working in the earlier morning sun (6am - 10 am outdoor);  

- 2rd year : Vocational training (Handicraft - weaving, paperbag making, braiding,  etc)



Physical & Psychological Wellbeing 


we takes an approach which promotes wellbeing in the body and the mind of our employees.


We provides : 


- A pathway for personal development and a significant earning opportunity


- An opportunity to develop and utilize their talents and skills putting it to be recognized and rewarded for.


Dignity at work

How can we offer the elderly people a purposeful and diginifying job?



Age Friendly Workspace

Prevention of ill health & Rehabilitation




- Osteoporosis has been described as the 'silent epidemic', casuing the loss of bone tissue resulting in the thinning and weakening of bones, is one of the most important age-related diseases and causes of disability.


Preventative Action

- Attention to diet and exercise in early life and the avoidance of smoking.  

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