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Macro Photography Workshop

Beginner - Basic 

How could we draw children to understand nature better?

The answer is simple, in Farmily we provide 2 hours macro photography workshop 



What can they benefits from?

- A deeper connection with nature 

- Understand symbiotic relationship in the ecosystem 

- Observing natural patterns from nature


Lesson Plan


- Understand the basic function of 

- Photo appreciation 






Building up self esteem and confidence in our artists through hand-on expereience.



What gears will be provided?



Nikon D300 with Tamron 90mm f2.8 


Miscellaneous item  (Additional cost)

Wire shutter release

2X Tele converter




What is the age limit?

 12 year old and above




Inspiration we can pick from nature.


These plant which belong to the family of the Convolvulaceae may have a weaker stem than any of the other plants but their strong will of reaching to the top in getting more light is something worthy to be praise of.


Please contact us for any enquiries. 

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