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Our Methods of Cultivation 

Soil (Organic Farming) 

We treat our soil with respect because we believe whatever 


Protect the soil biota with no tilt cultivation

No pesticide and herbicide use in our soil

We use mulch to reduce weed growth

We make good use of our own home-grown compost teas.  




Aquaponics systems closely mimic nature in the way they handle and provide nutrients for the plants. 

The primary source of plant nutrient in an Aquaponics system is the fish food.  The beautiful thing is that the fish food is one source of nutrient for the plants and the fish, a very important principle in working towards sustainability.


The job of the two main beneficial bacteria in converting the ammonia produced by the fish to nitrates is very obvious. 




Natural Fish Diets 


Why less commecial pellet? Commercial pellets are made from by-catch and the making and using of them is destroying the ocean fisheries, which is seen as ecological vandalism and unsustainable. 


  • Black Soldier Fly


  • Earthworm


  • Mealworm


  • Duckweeddd

  • Assorted flies 









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