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About Us

Our Name and Logo


The logo represents a heart of love from the elderly, committed to growing the best food for all.


The Chinese name of FARMILY is 家和农.

The Chinese character 和 (hé) stands for harmony or peace and is also conjunction in Chinese that is equivalent to “and” in English.



Who we are 


Farmily 家和农 is a social enterprise exist for the people, environment, and economy. We aim to create a harmonious balance between nature and humankind. 



The fundamental purpose of our business is to provide our customers with fresh organic vegetables without any use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. We believe real food can heal almost any health issue.


We believe a good landscape design is crucial to ensure sustainability in the long run. Environmentally sustainable design (also called environmentally conscious design, eco-design etc.) is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of ecological sustainability.


We believe to create a sustainable future is to first educate the masses. We run tours, workshops, and programs to create awareness of sustainable farming.  

Our Mission 

- Tackle climate change by spreading greater awareness of sustainable farming.

- To provide flexible and dignified work for seniors.

- To promote innovations in sustainable agriculture.

- To produce the highest quality foods and land management services in the most environmentally and economically sustainable manner possible.

Our Vision

- To provide wholesome food and sustainably produced products for our community.

- Improved livelihoods of communities through sustainable agricultural practices and entrepreneurship.

- We support other farmers who share our vision of sustainable agriculture, and we work to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Our Values


- Passion 

- Professional
- Dare to Dream

- People First

- Creative, flexible and innovative

- Make it Happen

- Accountability 
- Responsibility



A few Chinese idioms with the Chinese character '' -

和為貴 (hé wéi guì) : states that harmony is most precious—a core concept in traditional Chinese culture.



心平氣和 (xīn píng qì hé) describes a peaceful heart and mind.


和而不同 (hé ér bù tóng) refers to seeking harmony while maintaining differences. That is, one must not comply only on the surface but must cultivate inner peace without grievance, meanwhile understanding the diversity among all things and advancing the free expression of views.




FARMILY的中文名称是家和农。 汉字和(hé)代表和谐或和平。









我们相信,创造可持续发展的未来是首先要教育群众。我们开展旅游,和 训练课程以提高可持续农业意识。



- 提高对可持续农业的认识来应对气候变化。

- 为老年人提供灵活而有尊严的工作。

- 促进可持续农业的创新

- 以最环保和经济可持续的方式生产最优质的食品和土地管理服务



- 为我们的社区提供有益健康的食品和可持续生产的产品。

- 通过可持续农业实践和企业家精神改善农村社区的生计。



- 热忱

- 专业

- 敢于梦想

- 以人为本

- 灵活和创新

- 实现目标

- 问责制

- 负责任



成语具有 '' 的创造 


和為貴 (hé wéi guì) : 指出,和谐是最珍贵的,一个在中国传统文化的核心理念。


心平氣和 (xīn píng qì hé) 描述了一个宁静的心灵和精神。


和而不同 (hé ér bù tóng) 是指求和谐,同时保持差异。也就是说,我们不能仅仅满足于表面,而是要培养内心的平静化无委屈,同时了解在所有事物的多样性和推进意见的自由表达。




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